Wickham Park Family Portraits- The May Family

I first photographed Sarah and Chris 8 years ago at their wedding. It was a gorgeous winter day and fairly chilly that day if I remember correctly, especially for Florida.

                We connected right then and several years later they have a daughter, Ava who is amazing with the prettiest eyes and hair! This family has been through so much over the last years and I am in awe of their spirit and strength through all the obstacles that have come their way. They share such an amazing love and bond and I am so thankful to be back in Florida to capture their family of three in all their glory.


When families tickle and are playful, all the true emotions and real smiles come out!

Ava, you will cherish these photos in the years to come. These are the things dreams are made of.

A mom and daughter moment turned into big hugs with dad and it’s my favorite image of the session!


Sarah- you are a badass in every sense of the word. So many people can vouch for this, I know. You are a super woman


Ava, you are SO fun. We had a blast and I love your joy and curiosity. You are a smart cookie, too!

You two are absolutely the best. You are what others dream to have and be in a relationship and I am so glad I was able to photograph you again


Kids are wild and crazy and its our job to capture them in every facet

Love you three, so wonderful to have you in front of my camera again! Thank you!

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