The one who made me a mom

Dear Sunshiney Boy- the one who made me a mom,

5 years.

5 years!

How on earth did we get here? Ok, I know that answer. I’d like to think I had a good part of that. Ha.

You are just the smartest, sweetest, best kid ever. Every mom says this, I know but you really are the best. You are such a polite, kind, fun loving, excitable kid and I adore that about you.

5 years and 9 months ago (roughly) when I found out I was pregnant with you right after thanksgiving, I was so over the moon excited and a bit scared. Would I be enough for you? Would we be good parents? And selfishly I wondered how I was going to run a business (in a new state nontheless) and have a baby and a new house. Honestly though, I trusted God’s timing and knew it was all meant to be. You were meant to be and you were meant to be for us. Thank God.

You are the brightest light and the kindest soul. We love you so much, Luke. Happy Birthday to the best kid on the planet.

The one who made me a mom


I just read him this and tried not to cry. He actually almost cried. He gave me a huge hug and told me “thank you for that post, I really liked that”. Oh, this kid.

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