Satellite Beach Family Session- The Starkey Family

The Starkey family traveled to Florida for their Satellite Beach family session from out in the midwest. We got together over Christmas Break when all the family was set to be together to enjoy their time away from the hustle and bustle of busy schedules.  When I first talked to mom Karla, she mentioned her three boys- Luke, Noah, and Jared and I was immediately excited. Having boys of my own, it always makes it extra special to photograph another family with all boys like Karla’s.  I have to say though, meeting them was a pleasure and on a funny note, I have never felt shorter in my entire life. The two oldest, Noah and Jared, play basketball for their college and as you would expect, they are tall. They are each about 6’10- though one is a bit taller than the other and it sure makes me tiny 5’0 stature seem even smaller when I stood beside either of them.

Luke, their youngest son and I connected because we are closer to the same size- though as he made sure to tell me, he has me by 4 inches 🙂

He is a super charming 15 year old and there’s no doubt that he missed his brothers while they are off at school and they were all enjoying the warm Florida sun here in Melbourne.


Satellite Beach Family Session

I love this shot because you are never to old to be silly with your family. It should always be this easy!

This is such a beautiful shot for any mom to have! Karla- you better frame this one!


You have done an amazing job raising your sons! Parents need some photos too, it’s so important to grab these during your session

My favorite part of this shot is the birds framing their family walking down the beach

Thanks so such a wonderful time, I hope you had a warm and fun time during your Satellite Beach Family session here in Florida.



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