See this girl above?…..that’s me. I am a Melbourne Florida family photographer,  I have an old soul, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I absolutely say what I mean and mean what I say. I am a free spirit,  I laugh a lot and tell corny jokes.

I believe raw cookie dough, donuts, and cannolis should be included with all meals but my waistline is super glad it’s not. Coffee is my spirit animal and I collect mugs which my husband is not super thrilled with. We have 2 boys and a boy dog so it’s safe to say that testosterone fills the house, but lucky for me, I have enough sass to surpass it all.


Located in Melbourne, Florida I have been a full time photographer for 9 years. I started photographing just about everything but over the last couple of years, I have focused on families and weddings. During the last few months I have transitioned to focusing on families, maternity, lifestyle, and couples portraits only.

 I feel this is me and what I truly love photographing and I have never been happier.  I believe your happiness and pride shows most in doing the things you’re most passionate about and in these I find myself.

Photography is more than snapping a photo you and your kids standing and smiling at the camera.  It means so much more to me!

It’s about finding the right light to show you and your beautiful family off in. It’s about focusing on the true connection and unconditional love between you and your spouse. It’s about showing the silly-ness and joy that having kids (human or fur-baby) has brought to your life.  When your family and friends see these images, I want them to immediately nod and say “that is 100% you.

Being a photographer isn’t about just looking through the camera….it’s about seeing you and your life and freezing those moments in time. It sounds cheesy perhaps, but you only get one chance at life so why wouldn’t you want it captured authentically? 

Let’s grab a drink and talk!  Bonus points if it involves any of the above mentioned ways to my heart <3





Photographing weddings and families has allowed me to document those moments that I consider nearest and dearest in my own life. I grew up around family bonfires, country music, and chasing lightening bugs in my grandparents backyard. Looking back at the photographs from these times doesn’t just remind me of the obvious moments, but it also brings back the smell of the fire and laughter of my family at the same time. I am passionate about photographing my couples and families with their same experiences in mind. When I am not busy with camera in hand, you can catch me hanging out with my handsome high school sweetheart and husband, Brendan and our two boys here in Melbourne Florida. We love adventure and travel and visit family in upstate New York where we are originally from, frequently. I would say that I am a walking romantic comedy. I strongly believe in a strong sense of humor and wearing my heart on my sleeve. I have been told since I was young that I have an “old soul” and have vast musical tastes from The Temptations to Aerosmith to Adele and a good boyband! Most days you can find me sippin’ coffee, becoming either a donut or cannoli connoisseur, or obsessing over the new Pottery Barn catalog.