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Not sure what a Fresh 48 session is?  The moments after a baby is born (within 48 hours) is such an amazing almost dream-like time. These are the moments where you meet family and siblings can come to visit and meet their new baby brother or sister for the first time. It’s where they take in the moments after birth before going home and settling in to a new world and a new life. If you ever want to know what bliss and euphoria feels like- these are those moments.

When I first met Ewelina and Brett and their sweet family, I was in complete awe. Not only was everything so peaceful and sweet, ewelina couldn’t have possibly just had a baby based on how amazing she looked. I mean, completely jealous here.


These three meeting their baby brother, Beckett for the first time at Holmes Regional Medical Center right here in Melbourne Florida

One of my favorite images from the session. This is the most perfect little family and THIS is what I mean by euphoria and bliss.

And Baby Beckett didn’t make a single peep the whole entire time I was there. I mean, I have never met a baby that was more chill or calm- especially with commotion from big brother and big sisters. I think we know he is in for a busy world with three older siblings, but I think this guy is gonna be laid back kinda dude.

ok, my heart melted when I took this and not it’s melting all over again posting these

I think it’s safe to say that Baby Beckett is completely loved and these three are absolutely smitten with their new brother

mom and dad might be in love with their blonde little chill man, too

Welcome to the world, Beckett. You are so loved and adored already and I hope to watch you grow and be loved even more!




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