Melbourne Florida commercial portraits- That Good Life

I debated on posting here about this and while this part is photography related, the actual business is not.

Let me step back. I started another business at the end of October called That Good Life. A completely different venture than photography, one that gives me a bit more design creativity. It’s been fun and time consuming and financially consuming, absolutely. I have my first vendor event this weekend here locally in Brevard County and I am nervous and excited all at the same time.

I just wanted to share some images of a friend who came to model for me and the inventory I have so far. I am excited and anxious to share them and proud of where this is going. Where it can go.

Let me remind ya’ll though that photography is and always will be #1. Amanda McMahon Photography is NOT going anywhere. Call me crazy, but dual business ownership- here I come! I hope you embrace this second venture of mine, I always appreciate your support and am grateful for everything!




That Good Life is a clothing shop that I started to focus on Women and kids (for now). Specifically those like me who are moms and bosses and have a bit of a sarcastic and witty personality and are not afraid to call it like they see it.  While here in Melbourne Florida working on my photography business, I decided I wanted to create something for those like me.

This was my very first design- I absolutely love it and these shirts are SOOOO soft!

This tumbler is a favorite from recent orders. 20 ounces of pure awesome

There is some language here, but come on- it’s true.

This is my motto, truly. When I do something I want to be sure I can Hustle and put Heart into it.

This is for all my women bosses!

My first kids shirt- we have these in toddler and youth sizes too

I know I am a little biased because this is my little guy, but dang he’s cute!


Thank you to a dear friend, Catalina for taking these images for me all the way in Maryland

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