Fort Christmas Family Portraits- The Cacciatore Family

I couldn’t wait to share these images of this beautiful family. They are so sweet and so fun and playful and it was a complete joy to grab that on camera. This time goes so fast and getting these moments with our kids at various stages is so important. I know that I personally don’t have a ton of photos of my mom when she was older (20’s and up) and I always wonder about more of what she was like at that age….same with my dad. I loved sitting in a back room of my grandparents house and just looking at pictures of relatives I didn’t even know well and imagining who they were and what they were thinking in that moment. These are what photos do for us….they freeze moments in time for us to remember and if someone was looking at them that wasn’t there, it allows them to get to know what was happening at that time.  Family photos like these are why I do what I do and the Cacciatore Family were rockstars……I cannot wait to share these so let’s get to it.

This is my favorite and shows those adorable little dimples that Mary has! She is such a mini of her mommy.

Pretty sure this should just be called “Siblings”… much cuteness together

This boy and his adventurous nature. This is my favorite part about photographing boys, they are balls of energy and curious-ness.

Mary and Matthew, you two are just the coolest little kids. I had a blast playing with you and getting those sweet smiles.

Another fave of mine. This should be a canvas 😉

When you wear a dress, you get to do both a princess pose and a twirling pose, naturally

and Mr. Matthew looking sharp and as full of smiles as ever

Left – brother trying but not really wanting to be in the photo

Right- brother can’t hang….big sister said.

Parenting is tough but these two make it look so easy. You two are amazing, you kids have such great role models to look up to!


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