Welcome to the Frequently asked questions page!  Hopefully, whatever question you have

you’ll find the answer here!


How would you describe your style?

A: I love rich colors and depth. You won’t find me shooting and editing in a muted, film-like way. I like a bit darker and bolder of tones that show depth and layers. I shoot exactly how I see it in front of me, so they will be sharp and clear.  I want your images to be a true reflection of you.  I would say the words that I use to describe my work and style best are: Blissful, Modern, and Romantic. We love to have fun, get you to open up, show a little romance and we are a mixture of posed and candid. Such a great balance here!

Where are you located? How can we know if you travel to our area?

A: We are located in Melbourne, Florida. We also travel a lot to Orlando, Tampa, and Miami for portraits.  Our normal travel distance is in a 40 mile radius around Melbourne/Cocoa/and eastern orlando and outside of that small fees will apply.

We love to travel and are willing to head anywhere you may be! Please let us know where you are located  in the contact form when inquiring and we will provide a quote with travel included!

Discounted rates are available for Upstate NY, California and Destination wedding locations


How does the payment schedule work for this? Do you have payment plans?

A:  The payments for Portrait collections is like this; A non-refundable session fee of $100 is due at booking and this

holds your date for your session. The balance of your session is due at ordering (when you select your

product/prints that are included with your collection). Once the product comes in, we look it over, package it up,

and put it in your pretty little hands!


-How soon will I get my photos?

Our turnaround time is generally 1-2 weeks once the session is done.

-We are on a tight budget- is there any wiggle room in your packages?

Currently- we have built collections that are popular among current and past clients. We are showing our very

best coverage options in a pricing structure that allows us to cover our time shooting and editing/

We will try to give you an option that could work within your range, or we will be more than happy to give you a few names of

photographers in the area who can definitely help you!



-What do you edit in your photographs, if you do?

We edit for color correction and exposure mostly, we will remove blemishes if they are directly affecting the images,

but we typically will do minimal editing. We have been asked about taking tattoos out or tags and such, and we can

definitely do that. This will be a more extensive edit, so this will be invoiced at our hourly editing rate in order to

compensate for the time involved.

-We love you and want to book you!  How do we do that?

YAY!  So glad to hear it!  We collect a non-refundable retainer of $100 for your session. The balance will be due at ordering or day before

session depending on what collection you choose.


-Do you have backup equipment and insurance?

100% on both. We carry several pieces of equipment at every wedding including another camera body,

several batteries, an assortment of lenses varying in lengths, as well as flashes.  We also carry both liability

and equipment insurance to protect us and you.

-Can I print the photos you give me, are there any restrictions?

Yes! You can certainly print the photos you are given on your Flash drive. They are in high resolution format,

which means you can typically produce them at any size. We highly recommend using professional labs such as

the ones we use, and ordering larger prints through us, but we do have a lab that we like to suggest printing from.

It’s called Mpix and they are consumer based- you’ll love them.

We do not allow using them for resale, advertising, or editing in any way. We do recommend using and sharing

them on social media platforms and using “By Amanda McMahon Photography” as the caption and including

a link to our website as well.

-Do you offer albums, or coffee table books?

We sure do!  We offer high quality flush mount albums and coffee table books for portrait sessions!

These are both custom designed by myself and are of the best quality in either a linen texture, leather texture

or a photographic cover option. These start at a base of 10 pages in a 5×5 size and can go up to sizes like 8×8,

10×10, 12×12, 10×15, 12×16, etc. They can be any shape and size.  Albums start at $625 and coffee table books

start at $275.

if you have more questions that aren’t answered here, please head over to the Contact page and inquire!

We will get back to you within 24 hours (generally, within 4 hours) to answer any and all questions you may have!