Family Session Melbourne Florida | The Linder Family

Family session Melbourne Florida with the Linder Family and boy, did they make it so easy to photograph them. Seriously, what a dream!

From their clothing choices to this location, I was in complete heaven and I am super smitten and proud of these. This is exactly how I hope to shoot all my sessions and how I want all my families to look and feel. To feel open, comfortable, have fun, and show their true selves with their families.


Brianne ran out into the field and Josiah ran right with her. A mother son love is absolutely amazing to watch.

Family Session Melbourne Florida

I adore this family photo so very much. What a gorgeous family

Boys sure do love their mama’s. As a mom of boys myself, we feel a lot of pressure to make sure they grow up with love in their heart and respect for everyone- especially women.


And just like moms, dad’s feel pressure to make sure their sons grow up to be respectable, loyal, and strong men

Josiah has a beautiful soul, such a free spirit and a protective older brother, too.

These smiles are EVERYTHING!

Does this not melt your heart? Look at that love!

You guys are such a strong, beautiful, and loving family. Thank you so much for allowing me to give you these captured moments. I truly adore your family

And we can never forget mom and dad….this is how a family starts, with the love of two people. I adore this love and its a true honor to document this. These boys are going to look back at this later and know immediately how much love their parents have always had for each other and in turn, for them too.

Hey Tobias! I see you Mr. Smiley! Such a handsome little man


To schedule your own session with Amanda, contact us here– We cannot wait to see your family together!

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