Downtown Melbourne Florida Family session | The Watson Family

Downtown melbourne florida family session with The Watson family at a local park near historic melbourne. I love shooting down here because it’s a bit outside the hustle of the downtown area and it’s quiet. This day though was incredibly windy but we didn’t let that stop us from creating super sweet moments between these three.


I am always impressed with littles who are calm and easy going and just hang in there throughout the session. Isla was no exception to that, she was such a trooper and barely made a peep. Fresh off a first birthday and molars coming in- I didn’t expect her to stay with us for over an hour but she did and what a session it was!

Isla’s favorite person right now is her daddy and mom and dad are both completely fine with this. As kids get older, these things change but as parents, we need to embrace these things as bittersweet as they may be.

I cannot get over how absolutely gorgeous these two are. Isla and her mom Sutsana are so perfect and I adore this love they have for each other


We always have to annoy the littles a wee bit here. Kids always try to escape these shots but Isla looked like she quite enjoyed it


I just can’t with this shot. THIS is why I do what I do and why I chose to focus on families. These moments right here go so damn fast (‘scuse the language) and these little hugs and cuddles

don’t last forever- even as much as we would love for it. In between the “normal” shots is when these things happen which is why I can never fully put my camera down until the session is 100% over. These are what we miss most and these are the things I live to capture


As much as I have loved this entire session, these ones at the Marina are my favorites.

Look at these faces! Perfection!

Independence has been found… she goes at the ripe age of 1.


If you’d like a session to preserve these moments, like these, please reach out and contact Amanda

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