Destination Portrait Photographer | Valeski Family Mini Session

I’ve known this family for years and they are spunky, hilarious, warm, and as you can see, they have great style. I am super smitten with these four and their sweet personalities. Charlie and Zoe are little fireballs and Dad Chris has his hands full with his ladies.

Destination Portrait Photographer

Zoe, Zoe-You are the funniest little thing. When I asked her to say cheese, this was her face. If you know her in person, you would know this is a super normal face for her- her signature look, if you will.

She is so sweet and adventurous and her personality is 1000 times her size.

Miss Charlie is a spitfire, too. She is playful and sweet, which clearly runs in the family, and it’s safe to say the camera is a big fan of her as am I

A sisters bond is something I am only aware of second hand, but I’ve seen it enough to know that they are very lucky girls to have one another.

This is my favorite image of their session. The lighting here is incredible, but I just love the flow and the looks they are giving one another.

This is a close second…we had a little photo bomb by the doggie, but that’s just part of the fun of it.

Oh, you girlies. Work it!

My favorite moments to capture with kids are just the fun times where they can just be. When you need to twirl, you just need to twirl


We love you guys, thank you so much for asking me to photograph your session, loved seeing you again and hope to again soon!


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