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I think the number one thing people worry about when it comes to Lifestyle sessions is- Is it going to be awkward having someone in our personal space just “following” us?

Truth is- for me, it’s not awkward but for the clients it definitely may be for the first few minutes, sure. There will be times when you’ll wonder if you’re doing something wrong, where do you put your hands, do you look at the camera or not? These are all super common thoughts and questions and even us as photographers ask these when we are in front of the camera as well. Completely normal. When I come in to a home for a lifestyle session, I like to observe for a bit and just wait it out. You can expect me to be there for 60-90 minutes and I will basically just play and follow everyone around and capture as I go. It’s a 95% candid session and as hard as it can be to ask like I am not there, that’s the number one thing I always tell my families.

This is Charlotte- or Charlie as she’s called. She is not even 2 and shes incredibly talkative, smart, and an absolute riot to watch sing along to Frozen.

Tiny little donut floaty- just scooting around in it. Hilarious.

Looking at these makes me laugh out loud every single time. Watch the cat as Charlie tries to shares and then changes her mind….

Sometimes, this is how I feel too.

A pair of curtains is all she needs….you’ll see

these moments don’t last long friends, truly. Pretty soon they will want to sit alone and it’s sad. Take it while you can- every minute you can.

Pig tails for the win!  Liz just told me that Charlie just let her start doing this so we had to get this moment for her

See- she does love curtains!  She sure does make them look fun!

These are the best!Look at these laughs!




No monster this time, this is her singing to Let it Go on the Frozen soundtrack! So lovely 🙂


Thank you both for allowing me to come into your home, for trusting me 8 years ago to photograph your wedding, and introducing me to the one and only Charlotte. Such a sweet time and I loved being there with you guys!


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  • June 7, 2018 - 5:57 am

    Pao - What a beautiful family. The photos are adorable. Great shots

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