Winter Park Family photographer

When I first met Aly, it was years ago. We were both in much different places in life but thanks to Good Ole’ Facebook, we have virtually kept in touch. She now has 2 beautiful step children and a wonderful husband and a glow about her that I am thrilled to capture. They are so sweet together and Chris makes her smile SO big. My heart is happy and clearly, so is hers.

This is so stinkin’ sweet! Love them!

Winter park family photographer

This is the best- the whole family loving on each other and so happy!

Tell me these two arent the cutest? Brother and sister love <3

Thank you all so so much! Absolutely loved seeing you again Aly and meeting your wonderful family!

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Melbourne Florida Family beach session

Another family we have become such good friends with down here is Karah and Zach and their baby girl, Peyton. She is growing so darn fast and I was so excited to get her sweet face in front of my camera!

Look at that face! I would love to say that I got that smile alone but Daddy was behind me making her giggle!

Fun with Daddy! Look at that smile!

A sweet moment between dad and Peyton. Daddy’s girl for sure.

Just sitting in my stinkin’ adorable pink dress picking things out of the sand

These cheeks just slay me…..

Love all three of you! Thanks for being such wonderful friends and you’re terrific parents to this little doll!

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Melbourne Beach Family Session

These kids are just the best. They are great friends of ours and my son loooooves these two so much. They are such kind and fun children and they were so much fun to direct a bit and photograph!

We wandered around the beach a bit before the sun went down and it cooled down a little and enjoyed a little fun during their session-

Melbourne Beach Family Session

A quick hug and Anya was happy to do it! What a good big sis

Elijah is so handsome..look at that scrunched face and those little freckles. Plus, can we just tell you how excited he was to wear his plaid shirt?

Mom and her babes. There is nothing greater than a moms love!

This is the best- look at those perfect smiles!

I gotta tell you that this was not a planned photo- but I only took it because she was angry at her brother for photo-bombing her. I think she looks so lovely here though

We love hanging out with these two! We always have so much fun

Thank you guys so much! As always- had a blast!

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