Let me preface this by saying I am standing at the counter in the kitchen typing this, because miraculously when I sit down, all hell breaks loose. Makes more sense to just have my shoes on ready to run when there’s trouble right? Does that make me a bad mom? I’d like to think it makes me prepared, but potato,potahto.

There are probably at least 4 times a day when I have that thought. The one about being a bad mom. Pretty sure every parent does, but in the moment we always assume we are alone in these feelings.  Truth be told, most days it’s far more than 4 times but on a good day, 4 seems about average.  Why do we think this? Our kids don’t know any different so it’s really just an internal struggle, right?  Inner thoughts sure do have a way of bringing us down.

I don’t let my kids have cookies for breakfast. I’m a bad mom.

I have a sailors mouth and don’t censor myself nearly enough resulting in the 2 yr old repeating me. I’m a bad mom.

I won’t let him go to chuck-e-cheese, steak and shake, target, starbucks, and have shaved ice all in the same day.    I’m a bad mom.

I went full bore yelling and screaming like a maniac down the hall because the 2 yr old got into something under the bathroom sink. I’m a bad mom.

I hate doing bedtime. I’m a bad mom.

The thoughts we have about being a bad parent of just reflective of us being protective and wanting the best for our kids,or sometimes our sanity, so why does it come off so negatively in our minds? Is it because we assume the kids are the ones thinking we are bad parents? Are we worried that’s what they really think?

As they get older and have teenage angst, I would imagine (and I remember clearly thinking when I was 13-18) that they do verbalize these thoughts often “You’re a terrible mom/dad and I hate you…..”  You’ve said it…..we have all said it or at the very least, thought it.

I don’t really know where I am going with this except to say we are ALL “bad” parents. Bad in the sense that we are protective, cautious, concerned, and full of love. If that comes off to our kids as being BAD then so be it, but you know what? They’re going to be SOOOOO good because of it. And that’s all I have to say about that.




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In 2008, not even a full year after I graduated college, knowing next to nothing about taxes or business practices, I jumped in head first.

There I was, 22 years old, a recent Cancer Survivor and newlywed, starting a business. I was officially my own boss, something I didn’t actually know was possible…or realistic to be honest.

The first couple years, I made a lot of mistakes but, I did have a lot of great clients and business contacts surfacing. The next couple years proved to be interesting with a move from Florida where the business started, to Maryland. Re-building went very well and I grew an amazing client base and friendships in Maryland. In my 8th year of business we find once again to be moving and thus, re-establishing a business back in Florida. Being away for 6 years have been difficult because it’s just long enough for so much to have changed but the growing process is resuming and things are getting there slowly but surely.

Through all of this, I am so grateful and overjoyed with the relationships and business I have created in 9 years. Words escape me when I talk about the sheer happiness I have doing what I do. And to have done it for 9 years so far……I don’t even know how to adequately describe what I feel. I am just incredibly lucky. Some would argue with that and say it was hard work, some may say it’s God’s plan….and I agree with all of them. I believe I was put here on this earth to do this. I can’t imagine doing anything else and I hope I don’t ever have to. Connecting with people through photography has been a blessing, a lot of hard work, and I am confident God had a huge role in that. Whatever you call it, I am certainly amazed and humbled.


Happy Anniversary Amanda McMahon Photography

pics by Catalina Devore Photography


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A Birdsong Barn couples session with Leslie and Daniel and man, we were melting.  Such troopers to stick with it and still be so loving and kind.

Can I also just tell you that these two have been together for 10 years and still act like love bird teenagers….I absolutely loved it. It’s the absolute best to watch couples like this and I am completely smitten with these two and the love they show in these images! You go, you two!


If you’ve never been to Birdsong, it’s located in Titusville and I remember shooting the first wedding there for the owner’s daughter an then a couples years later, shooting a proposal there! It is a gorgeous, peaceful place and a wonderful place to have a wedding.


birdsong barn couples session

Couples goals right here

My favorites!!!!

90 degrees, sweat pouring off of all of us and they can still cuddle <3

Your kids are going to love looking at these, such great role models and aspirations here

ahhhhh you guys….I seriously love you and these images. Please always stay this in love

Thank you, thank you! Keep giving hope to other couples and your kids in the future!



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