Cherry Blossom Wedding

Cherry Blossom Wedding

They met in a bar, but it was anything but boring conversation. They had so much to talk about that it wasn’t until they were into date 4 that they even mentioned what they did for work. That says a lot about what they have in common- including Hockey!

In December of 2015, Bob setup a quaint and intimate setup and pulled a fast one on Jacque! She thought they were going to have drinks with friends after work but there was no one there when she got there and waiting for her was just Bob, Champagne, and a fire. He got down on one knee and here we are.

When they described this, I immediately pictured it all in my head and I get the warm fuzzies as if I was there. Stories like that make me feel connected, I just love hearing all these fun details.

So, they started planning a Cherry Blossom wedding around the festival that happens yearly in DC!


Jacque was easily one of the happiest and calmest brides. I don’t think anything could have taken this smile away

colored bridal shoes

When a bride goes bold, I get all the heart eyes! These shoes were perfect in burgandy with some sparkle on the heel!

halo engagement ring

These are the moments when brides start to feel like a “real bride”- it’s always so fun to watch this moment

Perfect example. This does not get any better!

I asked Bob if he was nervous and straight away, he said yes! There is such respect for admitting this, and it’s completely normal! As soon as he sees Jacque, ALL of that will go away!

Nervous jitters all around and I love the look on their faces!

My second shooter Rosie caught the shot on the left and I grabbed the one on the right. How amazing are these reactions? Stunning moments and emotions make me so happy.

Thank you Rosie for these two shots up top! Jacque, you really did look like a dream and Bob, in your Calvin Klein- a true gentleman.

Federal square was the perfect spot for these two with the capital building in the background. DC is a very special place to these two and it made complete sense to have a very DC themed wedding!

A relaxing moment where you can breathe and get excited to the whole rest of the amazing moments to come

And of course….Starbucks on the wedding day!? Steal my heart, guys….

Cherry Blossom Wedding in D.C

Bridal party and a Cherry Blossom wedding?! It was a gorgeous day that day- warm weather and a light breeze, we got lucky!

Jacque chose her closest friends which also included her three sisters and her best friend Andrew which served as her Man of Honor. I love this because when you plan your wedding and you choose those important people to stand by your side on one of the biggest days of your lives, you can choose whoever you want. There are no rules… you!

Cherry Blossom Wedding

Rosie capturing these studs! Classy dudes

Jacque with her three sisters! The baby of the family and the last girl to get married. I can imagine this day was bittersweet for everyone, especially their parents!

Jaqcue’s sister Joni got married almost 6 years ago in Virginia and I was honored to have been asked by Jacque to photograph her and Bob’s as well. It was a very exciting day for me to see their family again. 6 years ago, this little girl was only 6 days old at Joni’s wedding and now look at them! Joni is expecting baby number 2 also!

cherry blossom wedding

bridal party at the cherry blossoms

Jacque, you looked so beautiful and happy. Thank you for asking me to capture your genuine and happy spirit.

Mom and dad both walked Jacque down the aisle and it was a beautiful moment

Seeing these moments that the bride and groom cannot see throughout their day is what makes what I do so amazing. This boy sure loves his momma, and being a mom doesn’t stop when you’re also a bridesmaid.

This church in DC was gorgeous and the pastor was one of the kindest and happiest I’ve met. Such a lovely service.

My favorite moment of the wedding day is always when the bride and groom walk back down the aisle as a married couple. Why? Because look at those smiles! There is a huge exhale and a moment of “we did it! its final, we’re married” and its the happiest moment!

Family formals are quick and fun and when I get everyone to smile, it’s even better ūüôā

Being huge hockey fans, it only made sense to have a custom jersey made and to have everyone sign it!  Seriously- super unique and completely fitting to their personalities!

At the National Press Club, Jacque wanted to get some photos inside and I was happy to oblige. I just love the sweet moment here

and the little bit of sass here!

A wedding during the cherry blossom festival only made sense to bring the cherry blossoms inside as well

These DC lovers put DC into their cake, too! I spy a nod to the nats and the capital building!

I’m not sure Bob was ready for his first dance but he did awesome and they laughed and had so much fun

His last baby girl is a married woman! Proud dad moment

Loved how much Bob and his mom laughed during their dance

Proud dad made everyone laugh and cry. It was a very sweet moment to watch him give a huge nod to his baby and her new husband.

And Man of honor, Andrew brought the house down with his speech full of hilarious tidbits that made a few people blush!

Including mom of the bride! LOVE this moment where she bursted out laughing at said speech

A little dancing and I caught this little moment between cousins. How sweet is this?

Family dancing together was the sweetest to watch. So many moments to photograph

and even after the cake cutting, they even fed their nieces and nephews!

Cake for everyone!

Cherry Blossom Wedding



Vendor Love:

Hotel (getting ready): J.W Marriot, Washington D.C

Reception: National Press Club

Coordination: Cara (press club)

Photographer: Amanda McMahon Photography, second photographer Rosie Omar

Ceremony (church): St. Matthew’s Cathedral

DJ: Marquee Artists РBobby

Florals- UV Flowers 

Dress:¬†Ann’s Boutique – Sophia Tolli

Cake: Fluffy Thoughts Bakery

Stationary: Vo Handmade

Menswear: Mens Warehouse РCalvin Klein X

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Disney Couples photography

Anytime I can meet a couple who shares my love of Disney, I am a happy girl. I met Summer and Jake at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort to have some fun and grab some shots of these newlyweds celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary. They had never been to the Boardwalk and it was fun to show them some of the reasons why I love the area there. During our conversation I learned that Summer works at her moms Daycare just north of where I live and it made complete sense because she is so patient and sweet. Jake is so kind and open and chatting with them felt like it could go on forever.

Disney couples photography

eeeee these smiles!


I have a lot of favorites but the one above is a definite top 3

Another favorite above! I love the peacefulness even though the boardwalk is a generally busy area!

They are so sweet together and made it so easy to capture so much real conversation and emotion between them

“Jake Whisper something in summer’s ear”…….Whatever it was, worked because this was her reaction

This resort is such a wonderful place and it was even better having these two with me! Thank you both so much, I had so much fun getting to know you!



If you have a love of Disney, cannoli’s, donuts, coffee, your family, laughing, or having fun- contact me for your own session! I would love to get to know you, your spouse, your family or your pet and photograph your connection! Email to contact ¬†

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Dear Benny Boy (our two year old baby),

I admit, this has been more difficult this time around. ¬†Knowing your my last and that today is your second birthday makes my heart ache a bit. I’ve been a mess all week, honestly.

Since the day you came into this world and your father proudly announced you were a boy there were a few things I was certain of.

You and your big brother were going to be great friends and buddies

Your daddy was going to be so excited to have two boys to do all those crazy boy things with

and that I would love you fiercely. Technically, I knew that way before but seeing your beautiful face and dark hair made it all sink in even more.  I was a mom of boys.

The last two years have been an amazing journey with you added to the family. You have continued to teach me patience with your stubborn-ness and quick temper but also an even more incredible love for who you’re becoming. You watch your big brother intently and learn so quickly from him, he is absolutely wonderful with you (most of the time) and you keep us ALL on our toes daily. ¬†Your side eye glances, funny faces, grunting, and silly-ness have kept us laughing and we’ve known since day one that we would be in for a bit more with you! You’re two today which technically means you’re a toddler, but I am refusing that. You’re still my baby and forever you will be.

Happy Birthday to our little hell on wheels little man, Ben. We love you more than all the stars in the sky.



Two year old baby

Guys, look at the hand in the pocket. He did that on his own!

This was Luke when he was two…..are they twins or no? We get different answers all the time


I cannot get over these two images above and below. Seriously….Is this not the epitome or a two year old kid, or what?

He looks so much older than Luke did at this age!

Ben above (orange shirt), Luke below (blue shirt)

Bribery works on photographers kids, too. Trust me, it took gummy bear promises to get him to stand here!

Also not prompted. This was a quick hug with brother on our walk home. Seriously, my heart explodes daily.

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