I met Courtney and Nick about three years ago, I think. They booked me as their wedding photographer and we got together for their engagement session and then a year later was their big day.  It feels like it was just yesterday!  Fast forward to this month and I received another message from Courtney saying they would be here in Cocoa beach on vacation for a few days and wondered if  I could fit them in to capture their new little boy and their family of three.  I of course was ecstatic and thrilled to say the least. We met up at the Cocoa Beach Pier and I met their sweet Owen.

From their wedding in July 2015 in Annapolis Maryland.


cocoa beach family portrait

Owen is almost 5 months old and he is so frickin’ cute!

Look at those eyes!

And he is a lucky little boy with two really loving and wonderful parents. I can’t wait to get to know him as he gets older.

A boy and his dad. How sweet is this?

I LOVE this photo. It’s clear that Courtney is absolutely smitten with her little man. Who wouldn’t be?


Thank you for the smiles Little Owen. You are adorable and so sweet, just like your parents. I hope to be able to watch you grow and photograph you three again soon! <3

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I photographed the Anderson Family in Satellite Beach when they were in town visiting Disney the week prior. I have been doing their family portraits since before Charlie was even born and he just turned 3. When we all lived in Maryland, I photographed them twice a year. Then, they moved to Georgia and shortly after that, we moved to Florida. How cool that they went to Disney and asked me to meet up for their family session once again?  The most humbling thing and I am so grateful that I can keep capturing their smiles (even if Fred, dad, doesn’t like to smile-hehe)!


This little man has a smile that lights up his parents world and as cheesy as it sounds, he was brighter than the sun that day!

Could I love this anymore….holy smokes. How stinkin’ cute!

Cute 3 year old alert!

Melbourne portrait photographerSatellite beach florida

Satellite beach florida is a beautiful place with dunes and hills and wide beach with gorgeous properties lining it all the way down. It’s peaceful and beautiful.

Family photography is such a favorite of mine. I don’t stop laughing!

Love you guys so much, thank you so much for being friends and allowing me to be your Family Photographer

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The Mom files epiosde two is here and ok, so the title seems a bit harsh, but for real. Summer break is a bit of the devil in the disguise of bored kids, scorching heat (we live in Florida, remember) and hot pavement. See, in Florida- summer break is a bit more than I can handle. We have a pool right across from us which is helpful, but frankly- we can’t be at the pool everyday. Do you know how much sunscreen that takes for the 3 of us daily? A LOT my friends, a lot. Hell hath no fury than a kid who gets sunscreen in their eyes after getting in the pool. OHHH-the burn.

summer blues

My 4 year old thrives on school. He misses it and he isn’t the only one. My schedule gets a bit more hectic when he’s NOT in school because when he is and my 2 year old naps- I get 2 hours of uninterrupted editing and blogging time. That is a pretty big deal and when you’re limited on time, you use it much more wisely. My 2 year old thrives on alone time. He loves his brother and playing with him but he also is used to big brother being in school and having some time by himself (with me). So- this presents a challenge in the summer and we are trying our best to work through it without too much melting and fighting (them with each other and them with me). It’s hard ya’ll, but these times when there’s no school work or school functions sure are sweet. No mandated bedtimes although we are pretty strict on adhering to the same as much as possible, no pressure on schedules…..it’s a bit more relaxed. Summer down here though is very very hot and humid and it makes being outside (or wanting to be outside) difficult. We all sweat (myself included and not proud of it) like crazy and it’s disgusting out to spend too much time outside at a playground or anything unless you go early morning and even then its already scorching out.

What we can do though:

-Barnes and Noble- the kids love the kids area there, its air conditioned and mama can have her coffee too! WIN!

-Shaka Dog- there’s a local place here that is Hawaiian and awesome and it has shaved ice. Not snow cones (gross)- SHAVED ICE! It’s so good and inexpensive and a nice treat on extra hot days.

– The Pool- every couple days we will head over for a few hours. Luckily, both kids can swim with swimmies and mama can float nearby and sometimes chat with the other mamas there who are feeling the summer blues too.

-Indoor Movie days. Sometimes we will have a movie day and watch something fun, have some popcorn and M&M’s (it’s a favorite of ours) and be silly.

-Rock hunting -down here, there’s a local group that likes to pain rocks and hide them in various areas. There’s even a facebook group for it. I stay up to date on where there’s some hidden and can take the kids to look for them. We are going to be painting our own soon and hiding them as well. It’s a fun thing to do, especially if it’s raining (the painting part, not the searching part!)

-Bowling!  It’s not super inexpensive but it’s not terribly expensive either. We have fun and the kids love to see how they do! We even had Luke’s birthday party with school friends there!

Summer gotcha down? Grab some wine and join me 🙂

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  • June 27, 2017 - 7:29 pm

    Helen - I don’t know why you said you are not crafty…all the above mentioned things you do with and for your boys says crafty and thoughtful….