I feel like I need to be singing the song “I’m back in the saddle again…..I’m baaaaacccccckkkk,” but I will spare you my lovely voice.  Let’s just get into Finding your ideal client.

Being that I’ve been a photographer for 10 years now, I have learned A TON in that time about who my ideal client is and what connects all my clients with me in a deeper sense.  We all have “dream clients”- those that we find that we connect to, can create a deeper connection, and people we not only photograph but feel close to. Clients that can completely trust us and come to us for suggestions or advice mean the most.

Melbourne Florida Photographer

Some of these may seem obvious but as a photographer, these are super important to me in my ideal client and are a commonality in the clients I do have now continually.

-Families who value having their photos done for multiple reasons (i.e- christmas cards, birthday milestone, birth)

-They are involved with local groups, community organizations, and they value family events and activities

-Families who are laid back, very go with-the-flow, and spontaneous/adventurous/active

-Common but not limited to: Coffee lovers, disney fans, target obsessed


-Making a connection-

In the above photo of Tiss and her husband Kendall, they mentioned that they found me on Instagram and were coming into Melbourne Florida for vacation.  After checking each of their social media platforms, I noticed they were both personal trainers and were having a baby boy (and Kendall already had 3 other boys as well). Immediately I knew there were 2 connections: Fitness and being BOY parents. Seems simple but really it provides a lot to talk about and it gives me an idea on what’s important to them and these are topics I can engage with them about which they enjoy and make them feel more at ease.


Finding the ideal client isn’t easy and it usually involves a lot of trial and error and the hardest thing of all……time! We all know what we personally like and that does factor into what clients we will work best with. Having an initial topic to connect with (for example: being a mom, or being obsessed with a certain store) is also valuable. Making the couple/person feel comfortable during their time with you allows them to be the most open and authentic that they can be and allows you to capture their true selves. Talking about a topic that they can relate to is important so my suggestion is to give them a questionnaire to fill out after inquiring with you.

Finding your ideal client

This session above was actually the second or third session I did with this family. Originally, I photographed their wedding a couple years prior but when they found me for that it was because of a website referral. When Jennifer and I met in person though, we clicked and I felt like we had known each other longer than the half hour or so we had at the meeting.  She was a florist and knew what she wanted in her photography from being in the industry herself and wasn’t afraid to ask tough questions that most people may have been thrown off by. I appreciated the directness because when questions aren’t asked sometimes assumptions can be made and also can be wrong, so getting right down to what she needed and wanted was upfront. I felt comfortable around her and obviously, she did too because we had more family sessions after the wedding was over!


If you’re interested in a more in depth discussion of finding your ideal client, feel free to email me or use the contact form and I am happy to give you suggestions or advice!

If you’re interested in setting up your own session, please email Amanda using the link right above or contact on the facebook page and let’s do this thing!

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Not sure what a Fresh 48 session is?  The moments after a baby is born (within 48 hours) is such an amazing almost dream-like time. These are the moments where you meet family and siblings can come to visit and meet their new baby brother or sister for the first time. It’s where they take in the moments after birth before going home and settling in to a new world and a new life. If you ever want to know what bliss and euphoria feels like- these are those moments.

When I first met Ewelina and Brett and their sweet family, I was in complete awe. Not only was everything so peaceful and sweet, ewelina couldn’t have possibly just had a baby based on how amazing she looked. I mean, completely jealous here.


These three meeting their baby brother, Beckett for the first time at Holmes Regional Medical Center right here in Melbourne Florida

One of my favorite images from the session. This is the most perfect little family and THIS is what I mean by euphoria and bliss.

And Baby Beckett didn’t make a single peep the whole entire time I was there. I mean, I have never met a baby that was more chill or calm- especially with commotion from big brother and big sisters. I think we know he is in for a busy world with three older siblings, but I think this guy is gonna be laid back kinda dude.

ok, my heart melted when I took this and not it’s melting all over again posting these

I think it’s safe to say that Baby Beckett is completely loved and these three are absolutely smitten with their new brother

mom and dad might be in love with their blonde little chill man, too

Welcome to the world, Beckett. You are so loved and adored already and I hope to watch you grow and be loved even more!




If you are interested in scheduling a session or getting more information about our services, feel free to contact Amanda!

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It’s no secret that I haven’t blogged in a while. For shame, I know. To be honest, and many of us in this industry will admit that it’s tough to find new and unique ways to describe the work we love doing. We tend to use the same words and it’s not because we don’t have great vocabularies, it’s because we love everyone we meet and what we do that we often tend to go to our comfort words to describe similar style shoots. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can get hard to WANT to blog when we know we do this.

But, I am back. I’m not sure how often or how wordy I will be with blogs now but I can tell you that I have A TON to blog. We launched our Ambassador program for 2018 and we were overwhelmed with responses to be quite honest. I woke up one day when my dad was in town and turned my phone on and it dinged for about 30 minutes. No joke.

To say it was so hard to choose is an understatement, but ultimately out of more than 100 responses, I chose 12. These 12 were those I felt most connected to by first response and seemed genuinely excited for me to help them help me. Being new in town has it’s challenges and this program is an awesome way to get your name out there while also meeting new families or people in your target market that you can connect with and hopefully continue photographing. That is the ultimate goal and as a family photographer now, it’s even more important for me to connect and build connection so we can have long term relationships.

So, let me show you some of what I’ve been working on with these amazing Ambassadors that I am so proud and honored to get to know over the last few weeks. It has been so much fun and I still have a few more to go but I am pretty excited to share these with you!

ambassador program


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