It was a busy week, I had 3 sessions during the week here in Florida and then, I had 5 family mini sessions and a flight to catch to Maryland for them. After my third session wrapped up on Tuesday, I started feeling terrible. I chalked it up to catching a cold from the busy season of sessions starting but before bed Tuesday night, I had a fever of 102 but I was freezing. Wednesday came and it wasn’t much better and I knew I was in trouble. After a brief appt with a doc, I found out I had the flu!  I had a flight to catch Friday, so I was trying to get better and quick.

When I got on that plane Friday, I was a sweaty mess, but after antibiotics and no longer being contagious. Man, it was tough, I won’t lie- that was the hardest trip I’ve made but I knew I couldn’t let my families in Maryland down. I had been photographing many of them for years and this would not be the first year that I couldn’t. After getting as much rest as I could, the show was on and I have to tell you it was beyond worth it. There really is nothing better than seeing these families over and over for the last several years. I’ve watched these kids grow up some from babies to full blown toddlers, some into teenagers, and some of these couples were just newly married and recently welcomed new family members!


I met Leslie and Aidan when this little man was just a baby. He’s 4 now and I’m pretty sure he’s on his way to being the most charming guy ever. His mama is lucky to have him but what he doesn’t know yet is how amazing his mama is and how crazy lucky he is to have her too!

The Behe family has been photographed by me three times and they are so sweet and kind and fun together. Jen and Dan have three amazing and beautiful kids. They each chose a shirt representing something that was important for them over the last year and I love the thoughtfulness they put into this!

Michelle and Wyatt’s wedding a few years ago and now, little miss Sloane is adding some craziness to their mix! She has these adorably big cheeks and the most piercing blue eyes and it’s very clear how much she lights up her parents’ lives.  They had rain on their engagement session day, and their wedding day but that stayed away this day- we broke that streak!

Autumn and Steve and mr. Benjamin joined me for the mini sessions and I was more than elated to meet this little guy since joining their family 6 months ago. He is so smiley and fun and it’s so exciting watching my past couples become parents. They are so in love with this blonde little dude and watching their family grow is pretty darn fun for me, too!


Brittany and Terrance first met me when I photographed their engagement session- after eloping to Costa Rica, they are back for their first married session looking gorgeous and glowing.  I always love photographing these three because they are so perfect in front of the camera and we have great conversation! Thank you all so much for loving me and coming back year after year!

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I will admit that the blogging part of a business is hard, it’s hard to come up with something fun and different for every blog post but I digress. Let’s do this time- We’ve got some awesome and fun families coming for ya! Being an LBGTQ family is more difficult than it should be but my personal mission as a photographer is to document the love of a family and they are exactly it.

I met The Smith family through a mutual friend of ours through facebook. Right from the get-go, I felt like we were going to have a lot of fun! These two, Bean and Amanda are extremely sweet and laid back and they both are involved in the Cocoa village playhouse. It was only natural to meet down there for their photos and I met their outgoing kiddos Jackson and Damian. From the start, it was easy to see how playful they were together which makes what I do even more fun.

Thank you for sharing your amazing family with me, Bean and Amanda. Your kids are pretty darn fantastic and I had so much fun getting to know all four of you!



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I received a message one day on Facebook that said ” I’m embarrassed to admit I have never gotten professional photos of my littles. Can ya help a mama out?” I giggled out loud because this is such a common thing I hear, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about at all. Time is short, schedules are crazy- things happen! Hearing from Sarah was pure excitement! I photographed their engagement session year ago and shortly after, their key west wedding. I was 6 weeks pregnant with my first born when I photographed their wedding so it was an exciting time for many reasons.

Fast forward all these years later and now we are back in Florida and I found out we only live 3 miles from Sarah, Stevie and their beautiful babes Maddie and Beckett! Meeting these two gorgeous little humans was a pure joy and right from the moment I walked in the door, Maddie and I became best friends and she became my little camera helper. Beckett was celebrating a big milestone- his first birthday- and eating a yummy pumpkin donut while leaving a crumb trail everywhere he went.

We started outside to play and relax a little and the swings were a perfect place to start!


Maddie found a spot she loved and it looked quite fun-

The best smile from mama’s little boy. Happy Birthday Beckett!

Totally akin to their personalities….Beckett sure loves his mama and Maddie adores playing with her daddy

Maddie so kindly made hot dogs for me and her brother wanted in on the cooking, too!

Their sunroom had the best light (and air conditioning) so we made our way back in there for some fun family time.

Melbourne Florida Family

After Stevie inspected Maddie’s boots for ants for the third time, she got her shoes on and was ready to go out front, but not before a little sweet moment caught here


Look at this big guys shirt!!! so happy to be ONE!


Maddie loves super heros so I don’t know if she intended the pose on the right or if she secretly is a super hero herself. I guess we’ll never know 😉


This hole in the fence is just the best. Their pup, Finley can greet his loves and they just adore it. It’s super cute

Smash cake time and this boy was eyeing it from the moment mom brought it out of the fridge. Can’t say I blame him

The family that eats cake together……gets blue mouth together? Either way, it’s fantastic!

I think it’s safe to say they all had a really good day! Me too….me too.

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