I have two sons and they are crazy….The Stinelli’s have FOUR! Can you imagine the fun and wild things these boys get into? I can and it makes me giggle….kids are so unpredictable and funny to watch and although they can press our buttons at times, it really is a true joy to have so much love in your life. Kids who love you unconditionally and who you can love with every ounce of your soul. They really can do no wrong in our eyes and that’s what the term unconditional love means. This is just one of the reasons I loved photographing these six. Getting to see the different personalities that each of these kiddos have is so much fun and let’s face it, I pretty much am a kid, too.


Titusville Family Photographer

Timmy (left) is so sweet and outgoing, adventurous and independent and Dylan is the oldest and such a great big brother. So caring and helpful

Jake looks so much like his mom. He was a bit more shy for me though his parents speak otherwise. He was super mellow and silly.

These boys love their daddy…..

And this little man, Lincoln- looooves his mama. This guy was so calm and cool, you couldn’t even tell he was there. He never made one peep.

attack of the boys!!! This cracks me up!

Oh jake- you sweet silly guy

Oh lincoln- such a sweet completion to a beautiful family. Your cheeks are so squishy and you are just the calmest little thing

Thank you for all the smiles and laughs guys! Absolutely can’t wait to see these boys grow, what a gorgeous family!


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This family session is absolutely one of my most favorites. I probably say that a lot, but come on! Look at these four and their gorgeous family. This is what I live for and I am beyond crazy for not having shared these earlier!

I mean they are just so perfect. These two kiddos are so stinkin’ adorable.

Fall is my favorite and this is a good reason why. These leaves and these kids give me all the feels.

Mom and dad need time, too and this was the perfect moment and location

Say it out loud with me….”awwwwwwww” Sister and brothers have such a sweet connection

and these are my top moments to catch. Tickle wars always bring the best laughs

Couldn’t have planned this better. This candid moments are their finest

Thank you so much. Your love and sweet nature is so easy to capture, it was a true pleasure Shin Family. You are so beautiful and kind!


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So this originally started as the need to evacuate the state because of Hurricane Irma. We have good friends that live in Georgia that were planning on visiting two weeks later so we asked if they were ready for impromptu visitors and off we went. Our plan happened a bit sooner than expected but we were so excited to see these four and finally get our kids together.

I couldn’t possible thank them enough for allowing us to stay on such short notice (and for 5 days!) while we waited out the mess that the hurricane was causing, so one day I snapped these of their kiddos Anna and Will. They are two of the absolute sweetest kids with such feisty, fun, and exuberant personalities. My boys had a blast hanging with these guys all week and we were so sad to leave but we are anxious for a visit back soon!


all 4 kids in birth order….tell me that’s not the cutest!?


Anna was just perfection in her little Matilda Jane dress! Her soul is even more sweet. We are convinced she needs to marry Luke in the future:)

Mr. Will’s fiery personality is hilarious. He gives his parents a little run for their money but he is a charmer for sure.

The many faces of Anna. Completely her.


And so we have proof….Luke and Anna (and the rest of us) on an ice cream date 🙂




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