Mom Files Episode One

It’s been brought to my attention (um, from myself) that I don’t post nearly enough personal posts here. That is about to change. Right. Now. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you likely see some of my daily life as a mom. The witty remarks my 4 year old makes, our conversations, the chaos that is my 2 year old….lots of things. They are pretty entertaining but they can be downright frustrating and mind boggling as well. Guys- being a mom is NO JOKE! I thought adult-ing was hard but mom-ing is way harder and don’t even get me started when you have to do BOTH in one day….ouch.

Mom Files Episode One

Pic Credit: My friend Maria, on her phone ūüôā

So- let’s start from the beginning. Most of you know me by now but if you’re new to Amanda McMahon Photography, I’m Amanda. I am a donut and coffee loving 30 something, married almost 11 years to my high school sweetheart¬†Brendan and mom of 2 boys. And a boy dog. All boys….all.the.time. It’s really not that bad, in fact, I love having boys. Luke is 4 (almost 5- and he reminds me daily as of late) and Ben who just turned 2 in march. I am a Wedding and Lifestyle Family photographer and have been for almost 9 years and a 2 time (as of Monday 6/19/17) cancer survivor. I have a self described Sailor’s mouth on occasion (though I do try and bite my tongue), consider myself a Cannoli connoisseur, target obsessed (who isn’t?) and a lover of Disney.

Pic credit: Catalina DeVore

For the record- I started this blog like 25 minutes ago, which is proof that mom-ing and working doesn’t always go hand in hand like you want it too. I’ve had to get milk, snacks, diaper change, and clean up a mess my 2 year old just made on the couch. With a marker! This is life, friends. It takes a strong (and slightly crazy) person to be a parent and an entrepreneur but we do it because we love it- both the kids and the business. In all honesty though- nap time is life. I won’t tell you if that’s meant for me or the kids, but either way- nap time is fantastic.

Get ready for some fun posts about my life as a mom/business owner! If you follow me on facebook, you’ll see even more laughs because my 4 year old is pretty clever and has a lot of fun stuff to say!

Pic credit: Melissa Barrick

And to leave you with a laugh- This was a conversation my 4 year old and I had in the car a couple weeks ago:

Me: “Oh man, I have to pee”

Luke: ” That’s too bad, you should’ve gone before we left the house”

Touche kid. Touche

You can get to know more about me here


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Nautical Family Session

It feels like I’ve known these guys forever. I photographed Jennifer and Josh’s wedding a few years ago and these kiddos were much smaller and just as cute! Now, they are talking and giggling and have their own personalities and I am always so honored to be able to watch them grow up, even if just through my camera! It’s also always wonderful to see Jennifer outside of the wedding world- she’s a successful and popular florist in the Southern Maryland area and everyone just adores her work, myself included.

The boys were super excited about this big boat in the marina so naturally, we shot there!

Nautical Family Session

I just love these shots here. This is real life people. We don’t always get perfect smiles and cheese faces, but we do get love and life and everything in between it all.

and smiles and tickles. Those are my favorites

Look at those sweet faces. Jenn and Josh- you guys have such beautiful little guys, these smiles say it all.

Heart exploding

Adore you both and your sweet boys. I cant wait to see you again and see how much they change again! Thank you so much <3

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Clearwater Beach Destination Wedding

I love these two. Like seriously love them. They have been wonderful friends to us over the last several years and when Vince met Melaney and they became serious, it was safe to say we all fell in love with her pretty hard as well. ¬†I remember Vince telling us about his proposal idea to ask for Melaney’s hand. We had to wait almost a month before he actually did it and I’ve gotta tell you, holding that in was HARD! When he finally did it, in a helicopter overlooking the lights of Baltimore, we were all so thrilled for them.

Being here for their destination wedding was not only joyful as their friends, but humbling as I was asked to photograph it as well. Melaney has been so sweet and thoughtful- a dream bride and so very easy to photograph as you will see yourselves. Vince is one of the nicest guys anyone could meet and the two of them together are pure gold. Their families and friends can easily back me up on those sentiments and the joy from everyone was so palpable- even if the rain was threatening us all day!

Melaney handed me their Stationary Suite and was SO excited that she remembered to bring it! It was the cutest thing- I of course was happy too! I love photographing these details

When there is nothing to hang the dress from in nice lighting, you find something and make it work! Thank you to the lamp for this sacrifice! More importantly, how amazing is this dress?!

Melaney is from Southern Maryland and Vince is originally from Michigan so picking a spot where family and friends could make a vacation out of it was a no brainer for them. They chose a clearwater beach destination wedding to make it more enjoyable and hey- who doesn’t love Florida?

It was just Mel, her mom, and a close friend of two here with her. They opted for no bridal party and it was very calm and relaxing in the room for them

This shot is magic to me. I just love this and everything about it so much

These flowers were so stunning that I don’t even think photos can do them justice. Absolutely huge bouquet and I loved the Eucalyptus in it.

There is much to say about Vince. We have known him for something like 7 years now and he is an absolutely genuine, kind, and family focused man. Willing to bend over backwards to help anyone- and so is Melaney. They are just the most perfect pair.

Thank you to my second shooter, Christina for being my second set of eyes and capturing Vince for me.


These two did not want to do a first look but did want a moment to talk with each other and hold hands before the big moment. There were these great pillars near the inside rooms that we used and they never saw an inch of each other. It was a very sweet moment

This was a golden spot for us to photograph Melaney. I was beyond excited to finally have a few moments with her here. Radiant doesn’t even begin to describe her, she was downright stunning

Clearwater Beach Destination Wedding

The rain was messing with the whole day and after many hours of back and forth, the ceremony was moved inside. While it wasn’t ideal, they made the absolute best of it

My favorite moment of a ceremony is when they walk back down the aisle as MARRIED! The smiles are never bigger!

The rain held off afterall (until right after we were done with portraits) and I am so thankful we got these out here. This beach is beautiful and these dunes are my favorites

Clearwater Beach Destination Wedding

I don’t have enough words to adequately¬†describe these moments. They were just so sweet and moving to me

Gah! Just adore this

The lighting here is my favorite!

My view

Thank you again Christina for these moments you caught (Christinas view)

Aunt Debbie wasn’t the only one crying. Vince had us all in tears and I don’t think any of us saw it coming.

and like most receptions, the moments caught in between everything are typically the most epic

You two have been wonderful friends to me and I can’t thank you enough for asking me to be there as your photographer. A true privilege and I am honored to have these for you <3


Venue: Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort

Photographer: Amanda McMahon Photography

2nd photographer: Christina Barrett

Wedding Coordinator: Lydia \ Confetti Events

DJ: Dave Pezza from Breezin Entertainment 

Videographer: Tim & Patty / Storybook Weddings

Cake: Corey \ Corey Cooks

Florals: Izabela /Iza Flowers

Hair & Makeup: Karen \ Beautiful You Hair and Makeup

Steel Drummer: Kenny \ Breezin Entertainment

Dress/Dress venue: Maggie Sottero \ Today’s Bride

Tuxedo: Men’s Warehouse

Stationery: Wedding Paper Divas

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