The Starkey family traveled to Florida for their Satellite Beach family session from out in the midwest. We got together over Christmas Break when all the family was set to be together to enjoy their time away from the hustle and bustle of busy schedules.  When I first talked to mom Karla, she mentioned her three boys- Luke, Noah, and Jared and I was immediately excited. Having boys of my own, it always makes it extra special to photograph another family with all boys like Karla’s.  I have to say though, meeting them was a pleasure and on a funny note, I have never felt shorter in my entire life. The two oldest, Noah and Jared, play basketball for their college and as you would expect, they are tall. They are each about 6’10- though one is a bit taller than the other and it sure makes me tiny 5’0 stature seem even smaller when I stood beside either of them.

Luke, their youngest son and I connected because we are closer to the same size- though as he made sure to tell me, he has me by 4 inches 🙂

He is a super charming 15 year old and there’s no doubt that he missed his brothers while they are off at school and they were all enjoying the warm Florida sun here in Melbourne.


Satellite Beach Family Session

I love this shot because you are never to old to be silly with your family. It should always be this easy!

This is such a beautiful shot for any mom to have! Karla- you better frame this one!


You have done an amazing job raising your sons! Parents need some photos too, it’s so important to grab these during your session

My favorite part of this shot is the birds framing their family walking down the beach

Thanks so such a wonderful time, I hope you had a warm and fun time during your Satellite Beach Family session here in Florida.



We would love to chat and meet you for your own family session! Please contact Amanda if you’d like to schedule!

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I am thrilled to go back and look at all the amazing 2017 sessions and ‘try’ and choose my favorites. It’s always very difficult but it sure is humbling.  I am so grateful and appreciative of all the new and past families I get to chat with and photograph. This is exactly why I chose to focus on families from here on out and I am 100% confident in this choice.

Family (as defined by Wikipedia)

In the context of human society, a family (from Latin: familia) is a group of people affiliated either by consanguinity (by recognized birth), affinity (by marriage or other relationship), or co-residence (as implied by the etymology of the English word “family”[1]) or some combination of these.

A family is a couple starting their life together, a couple awaiting a baby, a new baby coming into the world, a couple with 3 children… doesn’t matter how you look at it. These are the family connections I had the honor of photographing.

2017 family favorites

This little face and her emotions! Peachtree City, Georgia


The Maher family and their sweet pup in Orlando

This mom and daughter moment will melt everyone’s hearts.

is this not the sweetest moment with mom and her two girls? Right here in Melbourne Florida

The Cacciatore Family was easily one of the easiest to photograph and these two kiddos were hilarious. Loved capturing this connection up in Titusville, Florida.

Maria, Patrick, Elijah, and Anya are dear friends of ours but their session was amazing in smiles and awesome lighting.

Happy baby=happy parents and happy photos!

Whoa, Mama! Absolutely stunning session with The Campos Family expecting their third son in the next month here in Melbourne Florida


Kate was stunning all throughout her pregnancy with their son and I loved this shot

Sara and Patti were freakin’ adorable, loved watching them interact

Sunita and Jeff and their new pup- so much cuteness all in one photo


4 boys and a whole lotta love. The Stinelli’s had me in awe

The Gallagher’s are three of the nicest and kindest people I have met and photographing them and their bond with their daughter was a joy!


Leslie and Daniel have 10 years married and a lifetime to go. Super sweet to be around them

I had to throw this one in of my boys because I mean, come on. You have to document the times when they’re super sweet to each other.


Oh these three. An absolutely incredible family that empower me with their strength and connection with each other

Two more of my favorite guys- my best friends boys on the beach in Cocoa during their visit here in Florida

A Family of five and I was cracking up with these three kids. Another Georgia family session with The Highsmiths

I have known this family for many many years and watching them grow has been a complete joy!  More little members of this family coming soon with Veronica getting ready to have twins next year and martha adding another boy to her clan!


The last of the three Peachtree City Georgia family sessions and this couldn’t be more perfect. Riley was beautiful in her dress and look how gorgeous they all are together.

Lauren and Steven are getting married next year and their adventure starts now. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for these two

The most excited face EVER! This little lady was more than excited to meet her new baby brother. Such a proud big sister.

Sandra and Tommy were anxious to welcome another little girl into their family soon, baby willow joined a few months later and she is just gorgeous.


I photographed Rachelle and Michael twice this year and both times were full of gorgeous weather, light, and moments like these.

The Valeski’s are one of the coolest and funniest families. These girls are the most awesome parents and relationship with them.

When past families ask me to photograph them, I pretty much dance on the desk. Seeing these four again when I went back to Maryland was a highlight for me

Candace and Oscar are on their way to being married in a few short months and together, they are unstoppable. They are so supportive and loving to each other.

A mother and son relationship holds a special place in my heart because of having sons myself so watching these two be silly and fun and photographing it meant so much

Another boy filled family and watching this brotherly bond was incredibly charming.

A cocoa beach family session with Courtney, Nick, and their son Owen when they came to visit family in Florida. Amazing to see them again creating a beautiful family together

Disney boardwalk was the perfect setting for the disney loving couple Summer and Jake.

These five and their crazy antics over at the FIT gardens  had me rolling with laughter. Their house must be so fun!

This moment in Orlando during their Rollins College portrait session was touching because their son, Alistair had fallen right before. THIS is why I never put the camera down because then I could miss vulnerable and real moments like these

I have been photographing this family since Charlie was in his mam’s belly and now, hes 3.5 and living just a few hours away from me here in Florida. I can’t wait for more moments with them, especially since we all have Disney passes!

These boys have so much personality and getting to know them over the last few years has been a blessing. Their mom and dad are fantastic people and I just love getting to see them

This session was perfect. Capturing the younger and the older and seeing their personalities and getting advice on marriage. There is no shortage of conversation and love here.

I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings for all of you, and for Amanda McMahon Photography. Love to you all- Merry Christmas!

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I first photographed Sarah and Chris 8 years ago at their wedding. It was a gorgeous winter day and fairly chilly that day if I remember correctly, especially for Florida.

                We connected right then and several years later they have a daughter, Ava who is amazing with the prettiest eyes and hair! This family has been through so much over the last years and I am in awe of their spirit and strength through all the obstacles that have come their way. They share such an amazing love and bond and I am so thankful to be back in Florida to capture their family of three in all their glory.


When families tickle and are playful, all the true emotions and real smiles come out!

Ava, you will cherish these photos in the years to come. These are the things dreams are made of.

A mom and daughter moment turned into big hugs with dad and it’s my favorite image of the session!


Sarah- you are a badass in every sense of the word. So many people can vouch for this, I know. You are a super woman


Ava, you are SO fun. We had a blast and I love your joy and curiosity. You are a smart cookie, too!

You two are absolutely the best. You are what others dream to have and be in a relationship and I am so glad I was able to photograph you again


Kids are wild and crazy and its our job to capture them in every facet

Love you three, so wonderful to have you in front of my camera again! Thank you!

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