Birdsong Barn Couples Session

A Birdsong Barn couples session with Leslie and Daniel and man, we were melting.  Such troopers to stick with it and still be so loving and kind.

Can I also just tell you that these two have been together for 10 years and still act like love bird teenagers….I absolutely loved it. It’s the absolute best to watch couples like this and I am completely smitten with these two and the love they show in these images! You go, you two!


If you’ve never been to Birdsong, it’s located in Titusville and I remember shooting the first wedding there for the owner’s daughter an then a couples years later, shooting a proposal there! It is a gorgeous, peaceful place and a wonderful place to have a wedding.


birdsong barn couples session

Couples goals right here

My favorites!!!!

90 degrees, sweat pouring off of all of us and they can still cuddle <3

Your kids are going to love looking at these, such great role models and aspirations here

ahhhhh you guys….I seriously love you and these images. Please always stay this in love

Thank you, thank you! Keep giving hope to other couples and your kids in the future!



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