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A day in the life of the Swayze family started with a trip to a piece of property they own which contains fruit orchards, a playset, bee hives, and lush green trees leading down to the water.

As soon as we get there, the girls start running around and showing me all the cool stuff on the grounds- including various poop from wild animals. All part of the process of course and who could say no to these absolutely adorable faces?

This is heaven for these kids who can roam and run and be free. They have become so smart and clever being here, learning about different flowers, how bees make honey, and how and where different fruits grow. What a wonderful place to be a kid and grow up exploring. It’s hard not to revert back to being a kid just by being with them here.

A day in the life of

Miss Cora took to me instantly as we both laughed about silly things like turkey poop and explored and found different kinds of mushrooms and flowers

Kayla was a little more shy and reserved but she too showed me around and made it an adventure

the newest member of the family, Little Leo (the 5th!) was just “hanging” with his mom- see what I did there?

 He watched me intently using those sweet little eyebrows to make the cutest facial expressions. He for sure will let you know when he’s not so sure about something, but he never made a peep only used his face to express himself.

They took me back to the fruit orchards where they have plums, or oranges, and all sorts of amazing florida grown goodness. The buds were starting to bloom indicating that fruit will be growing soon and everytime we saw a little sprout, the girls were so very excited and anxious to find out what they were and what was coming. That kind of excitement is so contagious.

Kristen is such a super mom….I am in awe of her grace and patience and watching her with her family truly shows you just how special she is. And Miss Cora is her little twin.

Fresh fruit from their trees- Nothing better than handpicking them yourself!

Such sweet little laughs

Kayla got a beekeeper suit from Santa for Christmas and was eager to try it out with her dad. I was just as eager to watch her and her dad walk through the process of beekeeping and documenting a bit of it. Truly fascinating and important and I got to try a bit of the honey and it’s so sweet and amazing.

They plan on expanding their beehives soon and I cannot wait until they do. Such a fun thing to watch and learn and the honey that comes from these bees is so yummy


Part II of their session took place in their home later that day. This is where the real deal begins- watching them among their environment, where they are most safe and happy.

I couldn’t have been greeted by a sweeter face


This smile is so darn charming….such a beautiful little man

Keep that innocent smile, Cora…..and that hair. Oh, that hair!


mama love is the best and I think Leo agrees


Kayla- such a little lady. How stinkin’ cute is the romper she’s wearing?


The way Leo looks at Cora is the same way I look at my husband when he asks if I’m sure I want that donut.


and now I am melting


A day in the life of

You guys are seriously the best. Thank you all so much for thee warm and gentle welcome and for allowing me to be your paparazzi for the day

Oh Leo. Little Leo, you’re going to do great things.


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